Sustainability Initiatives


Remaining competitive in a global marketplace requires innovative thinking and a level of hyper-efficiency that was unheard of just a few years ago. Today, lean and quality initiatives are commonplace and go deep into every organization. All of these efforts are part and parcel of a larger sustainability movement that has become a global phenomenon, pitting environmental concerns against profitability.

However, at C&M Machine Products, we see sustainability as more than just a set of mandates and government regulations; we feel that it’s our duty to our customers and the community as a whole. Our sustainability efforts are an integral part of our day to day operations, and, in fact, help to enhance the efficiency of overall operations. These are benefits that we can pass along to our customers in the way of lower costs and higher quality.

When you talk about machining, cutting oil is often one of the most overlooked waste factors. Removing excess oil requires multiple cleaning processes, creating an expensive waste stream. To combat this factor, we recently installed three hydraulic briquetters that compact scrap metal under high pressure. This allows us to recoup 99.2% of the cutting oil used, which can then be filtered and reused. In addition, we recently switched from petroleum-based cutting oils to oil that is formulated from Canola oil, and operate a highly efficient an evaporator system that minimizes waste water. Recycling and reuse of materials are also key factors for any sustainability program. We utilize only recyclable packaging materials and recycle all corrugated materials.

When you mention sustainability, energy efficiency is the word that carries the most weight, and we have expended a great deal of resources to ensure that our operation is a model of energy efficiency. From high-efficiency HVAC systems to programmable thermostats, we are able to heat or cool specific areas only when necessary. All of our machines are equipped with soft start systems that bring power up slowly and draw far less amperage. We have also installed high-efficiency lighting across our entire facility. In many cases, we utilize LED lighting that not only uses less power, but utilizes bulbs that also offer a much longer service life.

Though many manufacturers may talk about sustainability, at C&M Machine Products, it’s an SOP and fully integrated into our culture as a company.

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